My Weekly PokerStars Home Game


My Home game is currently on hold and games are not running. If there is enough demand, I will re-start the home game in the future.

*****Sign up info is no longer active*****

PokerStars Home Game:

Club ID: 1976954

Invitation Code: playpoker

Weekly Prizes:

These prizes are awarded each week to the top three finishers of my home game tournament.

This is important!!! If you win one of the prizes, you must email your full name, twitch name, pokerstars name, and email address to claim your prize.


5 Reward Stars for my video training products


3 Reward Stars for my video training products


1 Reward Star for my video training products

Poker Coaching Account

In order to redeem your rewards, a account is required.  If you do not have an account, sign up for a FREE Poker Coaching account using the link below.

Free Account

How to Redeem Your Rewards

Click the video below for instructions on how to redeem your rewards.

How to sign up:

You can NOT sign up through PokerStars New Jersey, only the global clients and

To sign up for the PokerStars home game, simply download PokerStars and then navigate to the Home Game tab.


Click “Join a Poker Club”.


Then enter:

Club ID: 1976954

Invitation Code: playpoker


I then have to manually accept you, which may take me up to 24 hours. Once I have accepted you, be sure to log back into PokerStars and register for the tournament. You will see JonathanLittlePoker under your list of poker clubs.


Then click on JonathanLittlePoker, click on Schedule, then you will see the upcoming tournaments.


Simply register for the tournaments you want to play and you will be all set.


Log into PokerStars prior to the tournament and the table should automatically pop up once the tournament begins. I am looking forward to playing with you. Please please please share this post with your friends. I want this league to be a huge success so I can continue running it. Thank you and good luck!

This game was initially run as a league, with Kuno2001 claiming the title as well as the $1,500 grand prize. I will start the league back up again sometime after the WSOP, assuming there is enough interest.

season 1

HUGE congrats to Biszibosz for winning $1,000 plus lots of additional prizes in Season 2. Congrats to Qtunneler for taking 2nd for $500 plus lots of prizes.

I was honored to have a coaching session with the first and second place players from Season 1 of the league. Here I am giving them their coaching sessions live in Las Vegas!

2015-06-27 09.42.47_mini

2015-06-25 11.50.50_mini

***For those interested, here is how the PokerStars point structure works:

The exact formula for how Home Game statistics are calculated is based upon these factors:

n = number of players in tournament
k = place of finish (k = 1 for 1st place, k = 2 for 2nd place, etc.)
p = integer (n * 0.34)

‘p’ determines who receives points. ‘p’ is the number of places that finish in the top third of the tournament. If there are 6 entrants, then n=6, therefore p=n*0.34, making p=2 (integer of 2.04).

If n = 4, 2 points are awarded for 1st
If n = 5, 3 points are awarded for 1st

For n > 5, points awarded are:

n * (sqrt(n)/sqrt(k)) / [sum (sqrt(n)/sqrt(k)) for k = 1 to k = p]

Each tournament with 6 or more players pays out the total number of points equal to the number of entrants (n). The numbers generated by the above equation tend not to equal ‘n’, in these cases the points are normalised accordingly, by keeping the same ratio but applying it to n, rather than >n.

So if there are 6 entrants n=6, p=2. As p=2.04, only the top 2 finishers will receive points, meaning the equation will work like this:

For 1st, n=6, k=1, p=2.04:

6 * (sqrt(6)/sqrt(1)) / [(sqrt(6)/sqrt(1)) + (sqrt(6)/sqrt(2)) + (sqrt(6)/sqrt(6*0.34))]
6 * (2.449/1) / [(2.449/1) + (2.449/1.414) + (2.449/2.04)]
6 * 2.449 / (2.449 + 1.732 + 1.71)
= 2.49

For 2nd, n=6, k=2, p=2.04:

6 * (sqrt(6)/sqrt(2)) / [(sqrt(6)/sqrt(1)) + (sqrt(6)/sqrt(2))]
6 * (2.449/1.414) / [(2.449/1) + (2.449/1.414)]
6 * 1.732 / (2.449 + 1.732 + 1.71)
= 1.76

These results are then normalised so that 6 points are awarded in total (as each tournament awards ‘n’ points):

For 1st place:

6* (2.49 / (2.49 + 1.76)) = 3.51points

For 2nd place:

6* (1.76 / (2.49 + 1.76)) = 2.49 points


Author: Steve Bowman